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Of course you will compare my prices! I am very competitive bearing in mind the personal care I take with your precious records, and the equipment being used (my machine was recently serviced for £500 and it costs close to £3,000 to purchase a new one now). Considering the increasing value of your record collection and for just £3.75 per disc you will get them back shining, pristine and static free. Please note that scratches and warps cannot be repaired but even they will sound less intrusive with the dirt and dust removed from them. Some records may also have been injured by damaged and chipped stylii and, again, there is not much I can do about this. Please note that these prices will increase over time, like everything else these days. As I have already said do compare my prices and the equipment I am using. This is not a home-made ultrasonic cleaning machine!

If you would like a same day service for up to 20 records please add just £5 to these prices - Make an appointment first (click here to do that) and then drop them off and pick them up later from the studio in Cambridge Road in Hove -  (with my discounts and using my Superior Ultrasonic Service the total will be just £80 for 20 LPs including same day cleaning). It could be the best small investment - a fraction of the value of many  single collectable LPS - and your ears will love you! Payment by cash, bank transfer or debit/credit card welcome. Paypal accepted but you will have to pay their extra 2.50% that
they charge me. 


The Superior Clean - £3.75 per 12 inch record/LP - £2.25 each for 7" 45s

Ultrasonic Washing and Cleaning using my Audiodesk Systeme Glass Pro X Record cleaning machine - with your precious record carefully placed in a new antistatic record inner sleeve after cleaning. The best service giving the BEST results - Just £3.75 per single LP/disc or £35 for 10 discs. Seven inch 45s can have the same treatment  as an LP for just £2.25 (and take as long as use as much cleaning fluid as an LP!) This cleaning method uses NO alcohol and Audiodesk cleaning fluid is always used and nothing else. Do ask for a price for cleaning your entire collection.

This will make your records as clean as they can be. I clean all of my own records with this machine. It cleans both sides at the same time and then air dries your vinyl leaving it totally clean and static free.

I cannot remove physical damage such as deep scratches - nothing can! - or remove warps from records, but you will be amazed at how much better your records will sound. Even new vinyl benefits from cleaning but I will let you do your research - or do ask me!

My main cleaning machine (Audiodesk Systeme  Glass Pro X Ultrasonic Cleaner made in Germany) sells for close to £3,000 and is one of the best ever made for this work. I only use the manufacturer's recommended cleaning fluid and no alcohol is used in this fluid.

I no longer offer a cheaper vacuum cleaning service which was with my traditional Vacuum Machine  (VPI 16.5 made in the USA) as I am so happy with the superior results from my Ultrasonic machine that I was no longer using it. 

The Audiodesk is one of the best machines in our solar system! I will be posting videos of it in action later. Please ask if you would like me to link you to one. Feel free to look on the internet for reviews of what I am using - and don't forget to come back!

I have been collecting and playing vinyl records for my own pleasure (not to make a profit) for 50 years now. I love the sound of freshly clean vinyl and my equipment can make it as it should sound and, with modern equipment, even closer to the original studio sound at the time of recording.

This is one of the best investments you could ever make to upgrade your cherished sound system. 

I hope too meet you soon.

Best wishes,


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